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Maintaining privacy in a high asset divorce in Missouri

Ending a marriage in court is an intensely personal issue. However, others obviously become aware of many private details when matters are openly discussed in court. In a high asset divorce, or situations where a couple is well known in their Missouri community, there is often a desire to keep proceedings as private as possible.

At Stange Law Firm, PC, we understand your need for confidentiality. We also know that many high profile divorce situations are complex and potentially stressful. Our legal practice mainly addresses divorce and family law issues, allowing us to provide focused service that suits the individual needs of each client.

Ciara's parenting plan did not pan out in court

41881319_S.jpgCelebrities are no strangers to the legal challenges that often plague non-public figures regarding child custody issues. Popular singer Ciara and her former fiance, Future, are evidence of that. They are currently engaged in a parenting plan battle over their son in a state outside Missouri.

According to the child's mother, rapper star Future, who is the child's father, has not been involved in his son's life. Meanwhile, Ciara has apparently made plans to marry another well-known star, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Ciara had initially petitioned the court for sole custody of her 1-year-old son.

New parenting plan may lead to legal challenges in Missouri

14562613_S.jpgMost married couples in Missouri who divorce want what is best for their children moving forward. Problems often arise, however, when parents do not agree on the interpretation of what that might be. Developing a parenting plan that focuses on the needs and best interests of one's children after divorce may help kids ease through the often difficult transitions that lie ahead.

When a former spouse refuses to cooperate when making decisions regarding child custody, visitation or other family issues, it may be best to rely on experienced legal guidance rather than go it alone. Such situations are typically already highly emotionally charged. Allowing a family law attorney to speak and act one one's behalf may increase the chances of an amicable and favorable outcome.

Community outside Missouri launches new visitation program

4337560_S.jpgContinuing legal challenges regarding parenting issues after divorce are enough to impede anyone's ability to move forward in life in a healthy, successful manner. Issues involving child custody or visitation in Missouri and beyond are intensely personal and often evoke strong emotions in parents. Sadly, some situations erupt with anger and may even become dangerous if a parent responds violently to an issue.

Apparently, a group of people in another state recognized a need with regard to providing a safer way for parents to meet for scheduled supervised visits with their children after divorce. A safe place was set up that includes a room guarded by a police officer who passes a search wand over every parent who enters. Parents must also give the officer their car keys until they leave, which was instituted as a means of preventing child abductions.

What the seasons have to do with high asset divorce in Missouri

35198615_S.jpgEnding a marriage in court is seldom easy. Especially in the case of a high asset divorce, it is important to be well-informed and to have a clear understanding of the applicable laws in Missouri. It is said that the time of year that divorce papers are filed can have significant impact on a settlement.

Those who file for divorce in the springtime should be aware of the potential financial repercussions of such decisions. Depending on whether one is the spouse paying into such profit programs as a 401k, filing, filing in April may or may not be beneficial. If a divorce is filed in April, then any 401k asset division may be based upon the account's value as of the date of filing, not beyond.

Deceased NFL star's former wife challenges high asset divorce

38394953_S.jpgLaws that govern matters of divorce vary by state. In any high asset divorce in Missouri or elsewhere, it is important that one understands all legal terminology contained within a divorce decree in order to make informed decisions and avoid future legal challenges. It sometimes happens that the validity of a divorce may be challenged at a later date, as seems to be the case for the former wife of deceased NFL quarterback Ken Stabler.

The former football superstar succumbed to colon cancer complications in 2015. In 2002, he had begun the process of divorce from his third wife, former Miss Alabama 1979. It was reported that Stabler expressed his fears that his soon-to-be former spouse would try to get as much money as she could from the settlement; he also allegedly told a friend that he worried she would keep trying to seek personal financial gain from his estate even after his death.

Seeking legal guidance to develop healthy parenting plan

22868867_S.jpgMarried couples in Missouri who divorce often face legal challenges concerning important decisions regarding their children. Developing a new parenting plan is typically essential in order to protect the children's best interests and promote a new lifestyle conducive to their overall emotional and physical well-being. Though both parents may want what is best for their children, the parties may disagree about what that entails. 

A parent wanting to help ease a child's transition into a one-parent household after divorce may find encouragement and advice through a community support group. A parent in such circumstances is advised to speak openly, while tactfully with a child, making certain to emphasize that the divorce was not the child's fault. Parents are also advised to avoid using children as "messengers" when conveying information about custody, visitation or other important issues to a former spouse.

Where to seek clarification on child custody laws in Missouri

37128348_S.jpgAnyone who has recently gone through divorce and is currently facing legal challenges regarding the future care and upbringing of children, may choose to seek experienced guidance in the matter. Child custody guidelines vary by state. A parent in Missouri in need of dispute resolution regarding such issues will want to seek clarification on the custody laws and regulations before proceeding to court.

There are several determining factors that the court will typically consider before making decisions about custody, visitation or child support. Where physical and legal custody of children are concerned, those involved are advised to keep the best interests of their children at heart. When parents have trouble communicating with each other, the interpretation of what each thinks is best may differ, causing disagreements and delays in proceedings.

Finding legal help re paternity dispute in Missouri

20935215_S (1).jpgFathers in Missouri often face legal challenges regarding their personal rights to seek and obtain custody of their children. Attempting to resolve a paternity dispute without legal assistance often proves difficult and stressful for those involved. An experienced family law attorney has a clear understanding of both state and federal laws that govern such matters and would be able to offer immediate guidance in such situations.

Stange Law Firm, PC understands the uphill battle that many a father faces when it comes to protecting his rights and obtaining a favorable outcome that has his children's best interests at heart. In decades past, custody arrangements were almost always automatically awarded to the mother. Clearly, attitudes have changed with regard to legal and physical custody of children.

Child support guidelines reviewed in Missouri

37197042_S.jpgEvery state, including Missouri, has its own regulations that govern court decisions regarding child support. Typically, when a couple who has children together divorces, the court may order one or both parents duly responsible for financial support of their children. The state is required to periodically review its child support guidelines.

Recently, the Family Court Committee of the Missouri Supreme Court planned to host a meeting open to the public. Federal law requires a state review of child support guidelines every four years. The guidelines are key factors in the court's decision-making process during family custody situations.