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New year, new parenting plan for some in Missouri

53466713_S.jpgIn Missouri and elsewhere, January is known as "divorce month" because of substantial increase in inquiries about the process during this time each year. There are various schools of thought as to why many couples delay proceeding with divorce until after the holidays. For some, reasons involve financial matters; others may want to avoid parenting plan disputes during family gatherings and holiday celebrations.

Whether beginning the divorce process in January (or another month) will have substantial financial impact often depends on particular circumstances. Emotionally speaking, some say waiting it out until after the holidays allows spouses time to carefully consider whether ending their marriage is the best decision for their family. Of course, opinions regarding divorce vary greatly; advocates say it is better for parents to end their marriage rather than expose children to repeated arguing and contentious behavior toward one another.

Child custody is a growing fathers' rights issue

44124466_S.jpgJust because a man gets divorced does not mean he is not a good parent. Many fathers in Missouri not only desire active and healthy relationships with their children, but they also want sole child custody of them. There are several things to keep in mind regarding parental rights and how best to proceed to win custody of children as a father.

The number of fathers getting custody of their children in divorce appears to be on the rise. One way to show the court one's full parental participation is to log all time spent with one's children. Whether attending sporting events, taking them to the dentist or helping them with homework and going to school activities, when a father demonstrates his active involvement and care in his children's lives, the court may be more likely to grant him custody.

Child relocation and modification of court orders

29942667_S.jpgFor many former spouses in Missouri, it was a long, hard road traveled to achieve amicable solutions to divorce matters pertaining to their children. Even after a plan is set in place, however, challenging issues may continue to arise. For instance, if a parent seeks modification of court orders for the purpose of child relocation, it can lead to a whole new string of contentious debates.

Lifestyle changes often occur when divorced parents remarry or obtain new jobs. Sometimes, these situations require moving to a new city or state (or country, for that matter). The court typically requires that a parent seeking a court order change to provide evidence that there is a definite need because of unanticipated changes.

Former model says child custody battle involves conspiracy

19196399_S.jpgSidra Saucedo, a former model who worked for Seven Jeans and Alberta Ferretti has been engaged in a contentious battle with the father of one of her children. Many Missouri readers may already know that the two have been fighting over child custody in court for years now. The father of the 11-year-old child, propriety trader Steven Schonfeld, has apparently been trying to keep Saucedo away from her.

The father reportedly accused the mother -- who apparently has children with three different men -- of sniffing inhalants. The parties in this particular case have been prohibited to speak about it pursuant to a gag order issued by the judge. However, Saucedo filed papers in court recently, asserting that a psychologist hired to help the parents work out their differences has actually been conspiring against her with the child's father to keep her from obtaining custody.

Seeking family law support when considering divorce

39537870_S.jpgEverywhere one looks, it seems there is always another book or program or expert claiming to know the secrets to maintaining a happy marriage that lasts a lifetime. Those who have gone through divorce in Missouri or elsewhere, however, understand this is not always possible, no matter how good the advice. From couples who have only been married a year or more, to those who have been together for decades, many spouses find themselves in need of family law support when problems remain unresolved for too long.

Those giving advice for building strong marriages often say good communications skills are the key to success. Some compare avoiding problem issues in marriage to hitting a snooze button on an alarm clock. It may be a form of procrastination that proves disastrous to a marriage in the long-run.

Judge grants star athlete Deandre Jordan overnight custody rights

37857218_S.jpgNot all family law situations involving children have to do with married couples. Nowadays, many battles over custody rights arise between single persons in Missouri or elsewhere who are co-parents of the same child or children. Such is the case for basketball superstar DeAndre Jordan and the mother of his 1-year-old son.

Knowledgeable sources say Jordan was reduced to tears after a recent court hearing where he learned he had been granted the right to host sleepover visits with his son. Prior to that courtroom victory, the child's mother had sought sole custody. Although Jordan will likely only have a couple of overnight visits per month, he appeared overjoyed with this new development in the case.

Protecting paternal rights in a Missouri custody dispute

14767555_S.jpgGone are the days when the court automatically awards custody of a child in divorce to a mother. In fact, a court in Missouri (as all other states) is typically of the opinion that children fare best when given ample amounts of time with both parents. As such, many fathers find themselves battling to protect paternal rights when it comes to the future care and upbringing of their children after divorce.

It is typically necessary to officially establish paternity in order to protect paternal rights. When the court is making decisions regarding primary placement of children post-divorce, it considers various factors to determine what situation would be in keeping with their best interests. It is often possible for fathers to win full or shared custody of their children as most judges appreciate the noble efforts of fathers who want to fully participate in their children's lives.

Where to find help if funds seized for child support

65836394_S.jpgVarious challenges and complications sometimes surface concerning child-related issues after divorce. A hot topic in this regard is child support. The court makes the ultimate decision of who (if anyone) will pay and how much each payment will be. The system in place for child support in Missouri is by no means error-free, however.

In the past, mistakes have been made within the system regarding child support payments. In some situations, people have been accused of having outstanding payments when, in fact, their payments were actually current. Anyone who has been notified that immediate payments must be sent, or is facing other problems related to requests for payments that are not owed may seek support by contacting Stange Law Firm, PC for guidance.

Flexible visitation during holiday season often a good idea

Every Missouri family is different, and many have gone through divorce. With a new holiday season just around the bend, it might be a good idea for divorced parents to review existing court orders and make adjustments for visitation as needed. Sometimes, the court specifies exactly which parent will be with the children on each holiday.

It is no doubt challenging enough to try to build new traditions and memories as one adapts to life after divorce without having to worry about arguments with a former spouse regarding holiday celebrations. The court is typically of the opinion that children fare best when they spend ample amounts of time with both parents. Of course, there are exceptions when extenuating circumstances suggest this might not be the best plan.

What child custody has to do with supper time

51472081_S.jpgNo two Missouri families are the same. Every family travels its own path and faces various issues and struggles along the way, especially during divorce. What causes most concern regarding child custody and related matters may not always be what parents might typically assume.

A woman in another state who was adjusting to life after divorce said her biggest worry was not knowing what her former husband was feeding their children for supper. She also said it took a long time to trust that her children's father had their best interests at heart. The woman stated that she and her former spouse made several agreements to forge a better alliance as they moved forward with their post-divorce parenting plan.

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