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Jermaine Jackson's wife requests support in high asset divorce

34864076_S.jpgSome Missouri couples may relate to Jermaine Jackson's recent legal woes. The music star's third wife has filed for divorce. Often times, a high asset divorce includes a request for spousal support when one of the spouses claims to be financially unstable. The court has the final say in such circumstances, and legal advice is typically beneficial to anyone facing such issues since laws and guidelines vary by state.

Jackson married his soon-to-be former spouse in 2004. The two faced allegations in court on another occasion in 2015. At that time, it seems an altercation may have turned physical, with claims that Jackson spit on his wife, Halima Rashid. In turn, she was arrested and accused of biting her husband, but the case was eventually dismissed by the court.

We understand the importance of fathers' rights in child custody

18214239_S.jpgMuch of the focus in family law and custody issues concerns the rights of mothers and how those should factor into child custody arrangements. In past decades, this intense focus on the mother-child relationship might have made sense, but this no longer reflects how families work and interact in today's world. Fathers' rights are increasingly making headlines as advocates continue to stand up for themselves and their children.

Missouri has come a long way in terms of child custody arrangements. It can no longer be assumed that a woman will receive sole custody -- both physical and legal -- simply because she is a mother. Unfortunately, shared custody is still difficult for many fathers to obtain. This can be especially confusing for fathers who have played active roles in their children's lives.

What Missouri couples may learn from Johnny Depp's marital assets

57700634_S.jpgDivorce can be a complicated matter, often involving serious legal challenges for Missouri spouses. It can be quite difficult to negotiate issues concerning marital assets and other property-related topics, especially if communication between spouses is not amicable. Various aspects of a situation may have bearings on how assets are distributed, and couples in Missouri may want to seek clarification of state law before proceeding to court.

If the court suspects a spouse of intentionally trying to reduce the value of marital assets, it may present an obstacle toward a positive outcome. Global superstar Johnny Depp's recent divorce from his wife of 15 months has come under speculation for such activity. Apparently, he recently sold an elaborate art collection, and some have claimed that his decision to sell is directly related to his divorce. However, the author of a book on protecting one's assets in divorce stated that the Depp marriage lacked the tenure needed for the art collection sale to have any significant bearing on a settlement.

Group of men in state outside Missouri fight for fathers' rights

42290439_S.jpgIn Missouri and elsewhere throughout the nation, single fathers are often portrayed in a negative light. Obviously, generalizations of the sort are unfair, since many unmarried fathers are very dedicated and involved in the care and upbringing of their children. The courts in some states, however, still seem to make decisions that favor the rights of mothers or married couples over unwed biological fathers' rights.

A United States war veteran in another state has joined a group of men in filing a federal class action law suit regarding their rights as biological fathers. The 33-year-old Army Specialist has been fighting a battle over a daughter whose existence was only recently made known to him. He said the experience has added 10 or more years to his life and he plans to continue to fight for his right to be part of his daughter's life.

Practical tips regarding child support in Missouri

37197042_S (1).jpgWhere to begin when discussing the ins and outs of helping children adapt to a new family lifestyle after divorce? Typically, the changes are many and how adaptable a child may be varies depending on individual circumstances. It is generally believed that Missouri parents will benefit by maintaining as amicable a relationship as possible to ease their children's transitions. Avoiding contentious debates about child support, custody, visitation and other child-rearing issues may be helpful.

Guidelines governing child support issues vary by state. Typically, the court has the final decision regarding who, if anyone, should pay support and how much such payments would be. However, there are factors that are usually taken into consideration, although each individual situation is unique.

Maintaining privacy in a high asset divorce in Missouri

24831417_S.jpgEnding a marriage in court is an intensely personal issue. However, others obviously become aware of many private details when matters are openly discussed in court. In a high asset divorce, or situations where a couple is well known in their Missouri community, there is often a desire to keep proceedings as private as possible.

At Stange Law Firm, PC, we understand your need for confidentiality. We also know that many high profile divorce situations are complex and potentially stressful. Our legal practice mainly addresses divorce and family law issues, allowing us to provide focused service that suits the individual needs of each client.

Ciara's parenting plan did not pan out in court

41881319_S.jpgCelebrities are no strangers to the legal challenges that often plague non-public figures regarding child custody issues. Popular singer Ciara and her former fiance, Future, are evidence of that. They are currently engaged in a parenting plan battle over their son in a state outside Missouri.

According to the child's mother, rapper star Future, who is the child's father, has not been involved in his son's life. Meanwhile, Ciara has apparently made plans to marry another well-known star, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Ciara had initially petitioned the court for sole custody of her 1-year-old son.

New parenting plan may lead to legal challenges in Missouri

14562613_S.jpgMost married couples in Missouri who divorce want what is best for their children moving forward. Problems often arise, however, when parents do not agree on the interpretation of what that might be. Developing a parenting plan that focuses on the needs and best interests of one's children after divorce may help kids ease through the often difficult transitions that lie ahead.

When a former spouse refuses to cooperate when making decisions regarding child custody, visitation or other family issues, it may be best to rely on experienced legal guidance rather than go it alone. Such situations are typically already highly emotionally charged. Allowing a family law attorney to speak and act one one's behalf may increase the chances of an amicable and favorable outcome.

Community outside Missouri launches new visitation program

4337560_S.jpgContinuing legal challenges regarding parenting issues after divorce are enough to impede anyone's ability to move forward in life in a healthy, successful manner. Issues involving child custody or visitation in Missouri and beyond are intensely personal and often evoke strong emotions in parents. Sadly, some situations erupt with anger and may even become dangerous if a parent responds violently to an issue.

Apparently, a group of people in another state recognized a need with regard to providing a safer way for parents to meet for scheduled supervised visits with their children after divorce. A safe place was set up that includes a room guarded by a police officer who passes a search wand over every parent who enters. Parents must also give the officer their car keys until they leave, which was instituted as a means of preventing child abductions.

What the seasons have to do with high asset divorce in Missouri

35198615_S.jpgEnding a marriage in court is seldom easy. Especially in the case of a high asset divorce, it is important to be well-informed and to have a clear understanding of the applicable laws in Missouri. It is said that the time of year that divorce papers are filed can have significant impact on a settlement.

Those who file for divorce in the springtime should be aware of the potential financial repercussions of such decisions. Depending on whether one is the spouse paying into such profit programs as a 401k, filing, filing in April may or may not be beneficial. If a divorce is filed in April, then any 401k asset division may be based upon the account's value as of the date of filing, not beyond.