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Child custody situation leads to gunfire in a Walmart parking lot

There are many situations in Missouri where a court intervenes to make decisions regarding the care and upbringing of children. Every child's best interests are to be kept at heart when determining matters concerning child custody, visitation or support. One incident in another state took place after a grandmother was ordered by the court to deliver her grandchild into the custody of the child's father.

The woman was apparently very dissatisfied with that decision. On a recent Thursday, just after 3 p.m., she was scheduled to meet her grandchild's father in a Walmart parking lot. The purpose of the meeting was so that she could obey court orders and release the child into the father's care.

Appropriate guidance may help avoid child custody problems

39021593_S.jpgDivorce is seldom easy, as many Missouri couples undoubtedly know. When children are involved, situations often become quite complicated, especially if there has been a breakdown in communication between parents. Seeking appropriate guidance to help negotiate child custody and other family-related matters may help former spouses avoid contentious courtroom battles.

One former couple has reportedly been fighting over their children for six years. After they divorced, the mother is said to have taken the two children out of the country without their father's permission. A long battle ensued, and both girls were eventually brought back to the United States. 

Marine who went AWOL will have to pay back child support

46638040_S.jpgSometimes, Missouri parents or those in other states face family law issues that remain unresolved for decades. Of course, in most situations, those involved typically want to obtain solutions to their problems in as swift and economically feasible a fashion as possible. Often, this does not seem possible without skilled intervention, especially when it comes to matters such as child support or other issues regarding custody or visitation.

One woman's situation unfolded more than 30 years ago when she divorced her husband who was serving the nation as a Marine at the time. The couple had two children together during their marriage.The former husband reportedly agreed to pay $160 every month for the care and upbringing of his children. The agreement was apparently contingent on the stipulation that the former wife would not remarry or cohabit with a man for the next year and a half.

Grandfather has physical custody, child's mom wants visitation

39650995_S.jpgLife is often complicated and many families in Missouri have experienced domestic issues that have escalated to the point of law enforcement and court intervention. In some situations, physical custody of a child becomes a central focus, especially if a parent has been formally charged with a crime. One mother, who is said to have neglected her infant, now sits in jail while her father takes care of her baby.

The woman was initially being held in jail without bond. However, at some point, the court set bond at $75,000. Following that decision, the woman's defense attorney submitted a formal request that the amount of bond be lowered.

Jolie and Pitt apparently have solid prenuptial agreement

12172964_S.jpgNews of impending divorce between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt went viral as soon as it was released. Just as fans in Missouri and world-wide have paid close attention to the couple's Hollywood ventures and family activities, so too are they following the unfolding of their marital split. The couple has six children, who quickly became a central focus of the divorce since their mother has requested full custody. One issue that may be more easily resolved, thanks to a solid prenuptial agreement, is how high-net-worth assets will be divided between the soon-to-be former spouses.

Their fortune is said to be worth at least $400 million. Between the two, Pitt and Jolie reportedly own 12 different properties, which were purchased before they were wed. Only three of the said properties are jointly owned between them; Pitt is the sole owner of seven others, while Jolie owns two.

Fighting for child support often a battle better faced with help

34278027_S (1).jpgMissouri parents, like others, typically want what is best for their children. In situations where divorce is imminent, child support issues can lead to disagreements over how to interpret what is best. Parents are advised to seek guidance regarding how to address such matters in court.

As in all states, the court has the final say where issues regarding children in divorce are concerned. That is not to say, however, that the court is uninterested in what parents have to say. To the contrary, most judges carefully take into account the needs, goals and requests of both parents, along with any state guidelines that pertain to an issue before rendering their decisions.

Financial prep and marital assets review crucial in divorce

35137027_S.jpgUnlike some other states in the nation, Missouri is known as an equitable property state, which means property and assets may not necessarily be divided evenly during divorce. In community property states, assets and income earned during the marriage are considered owned equally by the parties. In Missouri, and other equitable distribution states, marital assets are distributed fairly, although perhaps not equally.

It is not uncommon for items previously shared by married spouses to become divided in a divorce. Such issues may evoke strong emotions on both sides, depending on the monetary and sentimental value of the assets in question. Anyone considering divorce will want to first take stock of all property, assets, income and expenses in order to be fully prepared for what may lie ahead.

Protecting fathers' rights in Missouri

53657582_S.jpgVarious circumstances can affect child custody issues in Missouri. Typically, these matters can be amicably addressed when both parents want what is best for their children and are willing to negotiate and compromise to achieve an agreeable plan. If a mother opposes the idea of a biological father retaining custody, she may challenge his fathers' rights.

A man who has served in the United States military on active duty in Afghanistan is currently engaged in an ongoing battle over custody of his daughter. The child was conceived during a dating relationship, and the soldier apparently learned of his girlfriend's pregnancy just before he went overseas. Reportedly, the serviceman's situation in the desert prevented him from calling the mother of his child, although he did get to view photographs of the baby online.

Those in Missouri facing high asset divorce may agree with study

27937998_S.jpgA recent study was conducted in a state outside Missouri that analyzed divorce data covering a span of 14 years in several counties. Some of that information most likely involved data from more than one high asset divorce. The results of the study were recently presented at an American Sociological Association conference, and they suggested a link between divorce filings and seasonal traditions of families.

It appears that many couples delay their plans to end their marriages in court when birthdays, holidays and family vacation times roll around each year. The authors of the recent study say the reason for this is that such celebrations often inspire couples to believe they can resolve their problems. However, after spending extended time together on vacation, many end up feeling more stressed afterward than they were before.

What to do if former spouse is uncooperative in a parenting plan

37454648_S (1).jpgMissouri children whose parents divorce often face major lifestyle adjustments. This upheaval can be very stressful on all involved. Most parents want what is best for their children; however, if a former spouse refuses to cooperate in developing an amicable parenting plan, a situation can become complicated.

A concerned parent may wonder where to turn for help in such circumstances. It is advisable to seek experienced guidance, rather than attempt to address such issues on one's own. Especially when the other parent is not agreeable, contentious debates and courtroom battles may ensue that delay one's ability to obtain a positive solution to a problem.