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Don't assume a prenuptial agreement isn't necessary

32565788_S.jpgLovely images of satin, lace, ribbons, veils, tuxes and chocolate are often evoked when Missouri couples plan their weddings. They may also have long, into-the-night discussions about their future plans and goals, perhaps including how many children they hope to have one day. For some, however, any mention of a prenuptial agreement is thought to be a romance-killer.

Some people mistakenly believe that signing a prenuptial agreement means a marriage is doomed to failure. Others understand the importance of such contracts when it comes protecting non-marital assets and being prepared for any possibility in the future. Everyone likes to think their marriages will last a lifetime; a quick glance at current statistics proves that many do not.

Alex Jones takes stand in child custody battle

20144915_S.jpgInfowars fans in Missouri and throughout the nation may be aware that one of its stars, Alex Jones, is going through a contentious divorce. He and his former wife are currently facing a nasty child custody battle. Her side told the court Jones has been diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder. The mother of three is seeking sole or joint custody of her children.

A divorce case manager who's been talking with Jones said he pretty much wants to do whatever the "experts" say is best for his kids. Jones recently told the court one of his children often works with him on his show. Things haven't gone so smoothly in court, however.

Unwed dad in another state fights for child custody

44124489_S.jpgNot all unwed dads are the deadbeat, disengaged, unhelpful parents that the media often makes them out to be. In Missouri and elsewhere, there are many who are willing to work hard to fully financially support and otherwise raise their children. The problem is that many unmarried fathers run into serious child custody obstacles right at the starting gate.

Such is the situation for a single father in another state. He loves his 2-year-old daughter. Even at the young age of 24, he has always played an active role in her upbringing. He is not married to the toddler's mother, however, and that woman surrendered her parental rights some time ago.

Facing a dispute over your current parenting plan?

14562613_S (1).jpgWhen someone in Missouri files for divorce, it makes good sense to prepare for the challenges that may arise. Those who have children have their work cut out for them as they must negotiate an agreeable parenting plan with their soon-to-be former spouses. Some are lucky enough to face little or no complications in this regard.

Far more common, however, are situations where one parent disagrees with the other on matters of child custody, visitation and/or financial support. If your relationship with your children's other parent has grown contentious, achieving amicable solutions to your child-related problems may seem near impossible. In such circumstances, it is often helpful to rely on a highly skilled negotiator to act on your behalf.

New parenting plan problematic for Mel Gibson and some others

14562613_S.jpgMissouri couples who divorce often face many challenges as they negotiate settlements. When a couple has children together, complications easily arise concerning the development of a new parenting plan. A leading causal factor in many divorces is often communication breakdown; therefore, it's easy to see how disagreements regarding how children should be raised and who should financially support them may affect a divorce agreement.  

Many parents who divorce relate to situations where disputes occur over who should have legal custody, meaning, which parent should have authoritative power over important life decisions regarding the children. Sometimes, parents also disagree about physical custody. While the court typically supports shared custody (unless extenuating circumstances show evidence that this would be a detriment) this topic often leads to contentious, lingering courtroom battles when parents disagree.

Child custody situation becomes international incident

34434827_S.jpgThere are many parents in Missouri who are currently facing serious challenges regarding their parental rights. Many of these situations have arisen due to disagreements between former spouses. While it is often possible to resolve child custody issues through amicable negotiation, sometimes things get out of hand and problems become greatly exacerbated as one particular situation in another state shows.

The mother of a young boy is fighting to have her son returned to the United States. The international incident unfolded when she allowed her son to visit his biological father overseas. The woman said she never dreamed the child's father would try to permanently keep him, but that is exactly what has happened.

What does family law have to do with taxes?

64398212_S.jpgMany people in Missouri and throughout the United States are beginning a mad rush to file their tax returns on time. Depending on an individual situation, the process can be rather simple and uneventful or extremely complicated and wrought with challenge. What makes the latter occur can be anything from complex business issues to family law situations, such as pending child adoption or custody arrangement.

There are federal tax laws and state-regulated issues that must be addressed when tax return time rolls around. With regard to federal income tax forms, one of the most frequently asked questions has to do with who can be claimed as dependents. Such questions may be especially pertinent to parents currently navigating the child adoption or foster care processes.

Does your opinion matter when it comes child custody issues?

18214239_S.jpgMarried couples in Missouri don't typically envision themselves standing in courtrooms fighting over how much time they will spend with their children. However, this is exactly where many parents wind up when divorce leads to disagreements about such matters. Parents know what's best for their children, yet divorced parents may have different opinions where child custody is concerned.

Every state has its own guidelines regarding child custody, and the court has the final say either to approve a plan designed by the parents themselves or to make a decision for parents if an amicable agreement can't be reached. This is not to say the court will not take into account a parent's concerns and opinions as to what may be in a child's best interests. One of the things an experienced family law attorney can do for a parent is make sure his or her requests are clearly made known to the court.

Kate Hudson's former husband asks court to review parenting plan

41881319_S.jpgCelebrities who divorce face the same types of challenges that everyday folks in Missouri might when they decide to call it quits in their marriages. In fact, some might say movie stars, singers and others in the limelight have it even tougher because their personal business is often aired in public. Kate Hudson might agree as she makes her way back to court regarding her 12-year-old son whose father has asked the court to re-evaluate their parenting plan.

Hudson and the boy's father, 50-year-old Black Crowes singer, Chris Robinson, had been married for about seven years before they divorced. At the time, their son was a mere age two. The two had reportedly originally agreed to a shared custody arrangement.

Police in another state upgrade child custody safety measures

51595049_S.jpgFollowing divorce, Missouri parents often have to make arrangements to meet their former spouses so their children can switch houses. Child custody exchanges are a typical part of post divorce life for many families. Not so typical, but also not all that uncommon, are contentious situations that arise during such exchanges.

Especially if parents have a difficult time getting along, having to come face-to-face with each other on a regular basis can be emotionally challenging, to say the least. It's no secret that breakdowns in communication are causal factors in many divorces to begin with, so it's really no surprise that some have trouble controlling their emotions when meeting their former spouses to deliver their children. A sheriff's department in another state has created a safe zone to help mitigate potential negative consequences during child custody exchanges.

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