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Emergency situation leads to change in child custody

24666753_S.jpgMillions of Americans now struggle with drug addiction, and Missouri is no exception. Methamphetamine is one of the most dangerous drugs around, as users often get hooked fast and hard, and many feel unable to quit using even if they want to. While drug addiction is usually thought of as an adult problem, the epidemic effects children as well, and a drug problem in the home can lead to a change in child custody

Recently, Missouri authorities discovered three children living in dangerous conditions. One of the children was found to be severely malnourished, relying on a feeding tube that was not being properly utilized. The child had been hospitalized a few months ago but was doing well enough to return home. Sadly, the neglected child lost over 20 pounds in the weeks spent at home and was near death when authorities discovered the situation. 

TransUnion takes action to help collect child support

15399330_S.jpgMissouri parents know how expensive it can be to raise a child, and many parents struggle to provide all the things a child needs. School will be starting soon, and extra expenses like school supplies, new clothes and money for extracurricular activities can leave a parent feeling frustrated. It is estimated that nearly 60% of custodial parents are not collecting the court-ordered child support payments they should be, and in many situations, it can be difficult to track down the other parent that has failed to pay. 

TransUnion is a company that provides credit-related services for people, including credit monitoring. The company is now taking action to help custodial parents collect the money they are owed. TransUnion is launching a new program that will be available to the state to assist with locating a non-custodial parent and providing current and accurate income information. 

Fraudulent story leaves grandfather pondering child custody

37459184_S.jpgAuthorities in Missouri rushed into action, issuing an Amber Alert when they received word that a young woman and her infant son had been abducted. Supposedly, the child's father was a suspect in the early stages of the investigation. The woman's brother, a teenage boy, told authorities he witnessed the incident and flagged down a neighbor to call for help. What seemed at first to be a frightening kidnapping has morphed into a situation about child custody

As authorities searched for the vehicle the woman and her brother alleged a kidnapper had used to abduct the mother and child, they also interviewed neighbors and family. Shockingly, after the Amber Alert was made public, a witness contacted police to say that she was looking right at the mother and child, and both were safe and sound in a fast food restaurant. When police questioned the teen brother again, he eventually admitted his sister had coerced him into lying. 

One bad decision can affect child custody

108541576_S.jpgThe summer of 2019 has brought particularly brutal heat waves to much of the nation. Parents need to use extra caution to ensure that their children do not suffer harm in such extreme temperatures. Recently, a Missouri mother learned the hard way that one bad decision can affect child custody

Sometimes, it may be tempting for a parent to leave a child in the car while he or she runs into the store or completes another quick errand. This can lead to serious legal consequences for a parent and undue stress and suffering for a child. Police responded to a call at a local truck stop and found a toddler in distress. 

Falling behind on child support could result in loss of property

104482663_S.jpgThe state of Missouri has a handy system that matches residents to unclaimed property in their name. Unclaimed property is handled by the State Treasurer's office. Unclaimed property is not usually something people can hold or touch; rather, it is usually a bank account that was forgotten, a safety deposit box or other financial asset. Now, the state plans to use this system to help ease the problem of unpaid child support

It is estimated Missouri parents are collectively over 2 billion dollars behind in child support payments. Overdue child support puts unnecessary stress on the parent with primary custody. When a court issues an order for a person to pay child support and he or she fails to do so, a child may have to go without, and the parent with primary custody may have to cover more than his or her fair share of a child's expenses.

Kim Kardashian West reveals her surrogacy agreement

48593406_S.jpgCelebrity couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have made headlines again. In addition to their accomplishments as reality television stars, music industry favorites and champions for a variety of social causes and charities, the couple is also raising four beautiful children. While fans in Missouri and around the world enjoy "keeping up with" the latest news on the couple, many may be surprised to learn that the latest addition to the Kardashian/West brood, a son named Psalm, was brought into the world via a surrogacy agreement

Once considered by many to be a taboo procedure that preyed upon the bodies of underprivileged women, surrogacy advocates like Kim Kardashian West are fighting to change this archaic image. Kim has used her own personal struggle with dangerous pregnancy issues such as preeclampsia to illustrate why a surrogate can be a blessing to a couple that dreams of welcoming a new baby. Sometimes, a couple wants a biological child, but a mother may be unable to carry or deliver the child without great risk of injury or death to herself and/or the unborn child. 

Could moving affect your child support payments?

43696673_S.jpgMissouri parents know that, when it comes to taking care of a child, finances can become a concern. Especially in the summer months, when most children are not in school, the cost of raising a child can be a major stress that falls upon a parent. Many parents may have a child support order, which helps ensure that both parents contribute to a child's financial needs. 

A parent may not be aware that moving to another state can affect child support payments. Each state has a different approach to calculating child support payments, and knowledgeable sources say that these payments can vary by at least $700 from state to state. If a parent is considering a move, he or she may want to seek legal advice to see how these payments could be affected. 

What factors into a child custody decision?

47801373_S.jpgBeing a parent is a rewarding but sometimes trying experience. Missouri families may be in the midst of circumstances that bring about a court action that will determine child custody. When a parent is preparing to appear in court for custody proceedings, he or she might be curious to know what factors play into the judge's final decision. 

Child custody proceedings often take some time, and this is because the court will try to examine each situation's individual circumstances. While each case is unique, there are some basic points that are usually taken into consideration. It is important for a parent fighting for custody to be aware of the questions he or she might be asked, and the highlights that can make or break his or her petition. 

New measures may be taken to support importance of paternity

100623406_S.jpgThe state of Missouri realizes that fathers are important. While other places in the country have taken measures to support fathers and matters regarding paternity, most companies in Missouri still do not offer paid paternal leave. This can place an unfair burden on new dads and deprive an infant of critical bonding time. Besides, Mom would probably love an extra set of hands around to help as she recovers from the birth. 

New research indicates that having Dad around can be beneficial. Lower rates of infant death, better results with breastfeeding, and even a decreased risk of postpartum depression for Mom are now attributed to allowing a man to take advantage of paid paternal leave. Now, there is a push in Missouri to promote paid paternity leave. 

Father seeks justice in child custody case

85272187_S.jpgMost Missouri parents realize that raising children can be both rewarding and stressful. When two parents maintain separate households, it is not unusual for litigation over child custody to occur. When a court enters a child custody order, it cannot be violated just because a parent does not agree with the arrangement set forth by the court. 

Years ago, a Missouri father was granted custody of his infant daughter. The child went missing shortly after, and the father spent years in turmoil, hoping for the safe return of his daughter. Police in another state stumbled upon the child's mother and were shocked to discover the missing child was by her side. 

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